About Me

Personal credo

     Do it right, come what may!

     Be sure that no good deed goes unpunished!

Professional experience 

     I’ve gather 28 years of work experience in various aspects of the Business. I’ve worked in different companies as: a driver and a mechanic in  Водно стопанство(на това име не намерих превод) and “Phoenix resources”; in the private sector (prepress, advertising and design); as a system administrator in “TCBank” and “POSTBank”; Commodity Control in “Bulgarcontrola”; I’ve also worked in the TV station “IntesSAT” – Mezdra and the internet company called “Atlantis SAT” as well as in Community Foundation Vratsa ; the Regional Craftsman Chamber – Vratsa and the District Municipality of Vratsa. 


     I have a degree in engineer science from the Russe university as well as Business Management in the same university. I’ve been studding business English and currently I’m attending Talerick academy’s lectures and I’m working with HTML, CSS, PHP, Java script, SQL and others Information management systems. I can install/reinstall any distributed version on Windows, I can freely work with PhotoShop, PageMaker, CorelDrow, Adobe Illustrator, InDesigne and various flash animation software. I’ve created advertisements and tags for TV programs.