here I will post different pictures of what is happening around me (click on a photo to view it)

The paintings I have painted in different periods. There is also a pyrography –
It took me 3 moths to fished it…


This is our granddaughter, Nelly!

Great joy to our family!


This showed up when I took the paint down, before the last repaint at home. I had painted this Horse with latex paint on the wall a while ago.


Tags for the early news
Channel Media+ in Mesdra I’ve done in 2001


Channel BMW used to run musical greetings, different music videos and this show, made ​​up of two parts – the first was extended interview with a famous singer or a group, and the second part was a game, consisted of questions and answers.


This tag, I created it for the music channel ‘BMW’ for Intersat Mesdra, TV Vratsa and TV Botewgrad. This is what the name of the channel stands for, BMW (Botevgrad – Mezdra – Vratsa)








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